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Ever-charming business for the masses like Depeche Mode brand does.

January 15th I had my night. My pleasure? Joining the masses that enjoy the music for the masses of my most ever beloved band, Depeche Mode on stage.

Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona was the precious spot, home. The 6th time for me to attend their show. Unmissable date since that Devotional Tour on 2003. Depeche, DM, the music band that, now that I’m an entrepreneur I admire more for the business company they became than for the love I render for their songs.

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What bands do that brands should:

  • Planning.
  • Visual.
  • Truth.
  • Emotion.
  • Professional.
  • Prolific.
  • Special.
  • Storytelling.
  • Profitable.
  • Charming.
  • Pioneer.
  • Social.
  • Team.
  • Play.
  • Love.
  • Deliver.
  • Move.
  • Risk.
  • Expectation.
  • Connect.
  • Brands, you should be higher

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